Gov’t should not abuse if it does nt want to be abused

Gov’t should not abuse if it does nt want to be abused

David Mafabi

Today, abusive language in our political terrain ceases not to be merely an ethical problem, which erodes the moral fibre of society; but it is iniquitous and shows how political morality is wanting in our leaders and explains volumes how peaceful political transition is being retarded and undermined.

What seems evident is that government leadership, cadres and the political converts abuse opposition with impunity and then turn around very first to condemn it especially when others do the same.

They disregard the rules and regulations of the politics knowing that when they bleach them nothing will happen to them because those who wield state power protect them. 

My grand Mum used to tell us that: “When you are staying in a house of glass, avoid throwing stones to your neighbours” And using her own experience, I drew one lesson that if you feel you have a lot to be abused, then don’t abuse and nobody will abuse you.

The Bible and Christian life has one lesson for you leaders out there:

 Judge not that you may not be judged; all of us have fallen short of the glory of God; and remove the log from your own eye before you do the same to others. I may not remember the actual Books and verses that tell this wonderful and wise counsel, but I am sure the Reverends, Pastors and Bishops as well as many Christians do.

President Museveni, who is a Christian and whose wife is saved, must, therefore, be conversant with this wise counsel.  And why he goes abusive projecting himself as pure and above reproach at this time when the country is yearning for peace with itself defeats our wits? Is it the fear factor or the fanatical desire for fourth term?

Under the movement government, forgiveness and tolerance has been a fantastic, healthy landmark in Uganda’s history and the biggest bouquet goes to Museveni for being a “forgiving and tolerant leader”

But when he forgets shortly and begins abusing opposition, as Ugandans who understand the serious issues embedded in our politics, we begin to believe that the president is being emotional, has missed a point and preaches what he cannot practice.

By preaching this and he does the other, our government is losing the little faith ‘we the peasants’ still have for it because we are discovering that there are things that have been going on behind our backs.

The best way our dear president should save his political image and government is to live up to his word. Otherwise the way things stand today our political terrain remains bleak.

We started well under the movement government by preaching tolerance, rule of law, political morality, democracy, unity etc but 22 years down the road, we have been caught up in the same rubber stumps. And now we make an alarm after stealing, only to confuse those coming to our rescue. 

This is obviously due to the fact that even though the government of Uganda has been preaching political morality, it has not been able to participate fully in ending past political moral degeneration which dirtied our past because its long serving and obedient cadres are culprits of the same sin

It is unfortunate that this is the level of political maturity we have gone; very abusive, callous and heartless devoid of any morals.

With president Museveni at the helm of abuse, generation of neglect of political morality has landed Uganda’s transitional period in its deepest.

I don’t know what to make of this but it seems our dear leaders are consumed by visions of attaining and dispensing political power and patronage through all dirty channels possible.

 And when it is said that behind everything is the problem of leadership, this is close to the truth.

For sure should all forms of thought and practice under NRM persist without challenge?

Should Ugandans lose sight of all other possibilities? Cover up pot holes in our courtyards and roads with grass and say to ourselves because our eyes cannot see the potholes then Ugandans can prance about as they like?

For a peaceful political transition, democracy and political maturity in Uganda our leaders to give way to forgiveness, Unity, constructive criticism and political morality by use of civil language. 

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